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Hi, my name is Andrew, and thank you for visiting my website

I am the owner of axekool guitars and here is a little bit about my background as a musician and a guitar tech / luthier.

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I was born into a family who loved music and a father who was a pioneer of quadraphonic sound and collected vinyl records. My early childhood memories are me sitting in our living room in London where my dad had speakers and wiring everywhere while he was playing with quadraphonic sound and effects. He was obsessed by sound and music and never seemed to be without a soldering iron in his hand.

I started getting involved in music as a musician about 25 years ago and purchased a bass guitar and joined a classic rock covers band. I later purchased an electric and acoustic guitar and started doing vocal work, and I fell in love with the whole musician thing.

I stopped working as a musician about 10 years ago, but have worked with and been a member of a few bands including, Rock, Blues and Tribute bands. With a mechanical, electrical engineering and design background, repairing and working with guitars came an nice side line, as I found guitars to be creative, but still technical and intricate enough to be interesting to work on.

I started repairing guitars when I first became a musician all those years ago. I did a repairs via word and mouth and when I recently moved to the outskirts of Cheltenham and decided to make it a business and give it a name “axeKool” and a website! I also put together a dedicated guitar workshop which is well equipped for just about anything coming through the door.

I am a perfectionist and have an eye for detail and take a great pride in my guitar work. I keep my prices low and enjoy my work, which is more like a hobby than a living. I have a few professional musicians on the books and also a few clients with large guitar collections.

Thanks for reading

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