Fender Jaguar Guitar, Fender Guitars Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Fender Jaguar

Solidbody / Production 1962 – 1975.

Fender introduced another model four years after the Jassmaster called the Jaguar, which was aimed a Jazz players, and the result would be much the same as the Jassmaster – it sold well to everyone but Jazzplayers.

The new model had the same look of the Jazzmaster, including the same body and tremolo. Upgrades included pickup shielding and even more switches. The main difference was the Jaguars shorter scale length, promoted by Gibson’s Byreland model and intented to accommodate greater finger stretches for modern jazz chord voicings. Fender settled on a 24 inch scale.

Fenders best intentions were thwarted when Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys began playing a white Jaguar – and the Jaguar was forevermore associated with surf music.

The Jazzmaster and the Jaguar later found a home in grunge music, thanks to Kurt Cobain. These days both guitars are still popular with guitars on all levels and offer some unique configuration options and sounds.

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