Guitar Setups & Tuning Cheltenham

Your guitar will benefit greatly from a regular setup and tune. Whether you’re a gigging musician or a bedroom enthusiast, it’s important that your guitar is setup correctly to get the very best from it.

A guitar setup (service & tune) can do wonders for your guitar’s playability. We can do a simple restring to a complete strip down and rebuild of your guitar. Whatever music you like to play, from blues to shred power metal, we can setup your guitar accordingly to your specification.

Problems as diverse as tuning difficulty can often be remedied by a setup.

Our range of guitar setups and tuning include:

Setup & Tune

  • Restring & Tune
  • ——————-
  • Bridge & Saddle adjustment
  • Set intonation
  • Tremolo Bridge adjustment
  • Floyd Rose Tremolo adjustment

Pickups & Fretboard

  • Pickup height adjustment
  • Neck relief and truss rod adjustment
  • Fret Leveling, Crowning & Polish
  • Neck Scalloping (Full and from the 12th fret)

Neck & Headstock

  • Nut height adjusted
  • Machine heads adjustment

Electric Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Hollowbody Guitars

Bass Guitars

For more information on our guitar setup and tuning services, please call us on 07483 167155 or email us

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