Morsite Model 88 Guitar, Morsite Guitars Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Morsite Model 88

Solidbody / Production 1988.

The Mosrite company and Semie Moseley had a somewhat nomadic history as shown in the Model 88 from 1988, which was made in the mountains of North Carolina. Moseley was born in Oklahoma and established Mosrite in Bakersfield, California.

After the company bankrupted in 1969, he was unable to reacquire the name. He moved production to Oklahoma in 1976, back to California in 1977, to Nevada in 1979, and then to Jonas Ridge, North Carolina in 1981. He stayed in Jonas Ridge for ten years and made his final move to to Booneville, Arkansas in 1991.

While he experimented with various designs, Moseley’s most popular were essentially Ventures reissues without the Ventures name. Model 88 had the familiar shape, which he developed in the early 1960’s by flipping over a Fender Stratocaster, but it lacked the pickgaurd of the originals.

Semie Moseley died in 1992 and his widow Loretta carried on running the business.

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