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At axeKool guitars we try to go the extra mile, mainly because we really care about our customers and their guitars. It’s that simple!

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I took my Ibanez RG465 and my Fernandes Vandenberg model to Axecool for some work & I received these back yesterday….

Posted by Derek Gallacher on Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar

Hofner Bass Guitar

Epiphone Hollowbody Bass

Gibson Les Paul
Martin Acoustic Guitar

Washburn Les Paul Style

Fender CD-60s Acoustic

Epiphone Masterbilt Acoustic

Dean Dimebag

Peavey Bass

Thanks for sorting out the Ricky wiring – sounds pretty amazing! Guy.
Rickenbacker 4003 Bass

Andrew, you should add magician to your CV. Both Taylor and Les Paul sound and feel Fantastic (player considered!) Awesome job. David

Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Classic

Just pulled out the PRS – looks fab – exactly what i had in mind. Cheers Tim.PRS Tremonti Custom SE

I dropped off an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro for some minor work and had the great fortune to meet Andrew in his workshop. I could not be more pleased at the work he did and at an extremely reasonable price too. Thanks mate, Mark

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro

Thanks for the guitar set-up. It’s certainly easier to play and kinder to my fingers as I don’t have to press so hard. Allen

Yamaha Pacifica

Just wanted to say thanks for the setup on the Kiesel. It’s playing great.Kiesel Stratocaster

Hi Andrew, just to say how pleased I am with my Guitar. Such a difference thanks. Regards Keith
Fender Acoustic Telecaster

Hey Andrew. Thanks for your help with the Lag. My daughter is well happy..Lag Acoustic Guitar

Many thanks for sorting my SG out, that is a huge improvement! It’s sounding good and is much nicer to play, like you said it’s a different guitar. It was starting to do my head in a bit so I’m really glad to get that sorted. Matt

VIntage SG

Hi, I just picked up my Fender Telecaster after a tune up and just to let you know it now plays as beautifully as it looks!
Many thanks TonyFender Telecaster Mex

Hey Andrew, The Ricky plays (and looks) great! Thank you, Roger

Rickenbacker 4001

Axekool took the job on and left my guitar playing even better than before the accident – thank you so much, CM.

Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 Pro

Great job on the SG, it sounds and plays great, exactly what I was after! JamesGibson SG 24 fret

What can i say, Great service, Half the price and a friendly guy, thanks again, Steve

Epiphone Les Paul Special vintage Edition

Would just like to say a big thank you for restoring my old Fender Squire Stratocaster. Guitar sounds a hell of a lot better, looks great.
Anyway thanks for your efforts and great work Andrew, much appreciated. Jay

Fender Squire Stratocaster

Fender Squire Stratocaster

Thanks Andrew, I’ll definitely be back and use your services again, my guitar is playing like a dream! – thanks, Martin

Crafter RTE-600/N

My Stratocaster plays great that you did on Friday, its like a brand new guitar, but only better! – Roger

Fender Squire Stratocaster

Thanks again for sorting my guitar – it’s so much better!
So much so, that i want to take the plunge and upgrade the pickups. Ian
“Thanks Ian, Your wish is our command!”
We fitted Seymour Duncan Slash Signature
(Alnico Pro 2 APH 25)
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Standard Pickups

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Seymour Duncan Slash Signature Pickups

Excellent! Used the red strat at band practice on Tuesday…… played superbly! The guitar, not me! : ))
Fender Sratocaster USA

Hi Andrew. Just wanted to say thanks for the fast work. All the guitars are running beautifully.
The Brook, in particular. Thanks. Mike
Fender Telecaster Brook Acoustic Fender Stratocaster USA Line 6 Variax

Hi Andrew , the guitar is 100% better, so much easier to play! Sounds great. Cheers, Allister 
Burns King Cobra

Thanks for the work on the Furch, much easier to play now. Sounds very nice indeed. Paul

Furch OM34

Thanks for the setup, feels like a new instrument and far better to play now. AlanFender Squire Bass

Have just had my first hours practice after the string change and set up.
The Guitar feels great, plays easier and sounds good. I didn’t realise it would make such a difference. Thank you

Fender Acoustic CC60S

I’ve got to say it’s great. Plays brilliantly and the pickups are the best single coil pickups I’ve heard. It’s probably just me but it really has a Hendrix vibe about it. Difficult to describe but I’m sure you know where I’m coming from. Thank you
fender stratocaster left handed

Hey Andrew, great job in cleaning and getting back in working order my vintage classical guitar. Many thanks again, DaveSantiago Vintage Classical Guitar

Hey Andrew, thanks again for sorting the setup out on my Epi Thunderbird Bass and fixing all the buzzing, plays great now, cheers Danny
Epiphone Thunderbird Bass

Thank you so much Andrew guitar feels fantastic. So much easier to play now. Cheers Nick Taylor Baby Acoustic

Andrew, the guitar sounds and feels absolutely fantastic. Brilliant job. Thank you, David.Fender Stratocaster Mex

Hi Andrew, just wanted to say thanks for sorting the Taylor, it’s mintTaylor Acoustic

Quick note to thank you for setting up my Epiphone bass, very professional job done. Cheers

Epiphone Bass

Great job, thanks again. Will recommend.Ibanez GIO

Strat sounds amazing so much better thanks!
Fender Squire Stratocaster

What a difference Andrew, it is like a different guitar 😊!!
Thanks very much for your quick response and your craftsmanship 👍
Best regards, Jeff
Gear4Music Acoustic

Hi Andrew, I have Just tried the bass out, it sounds and feels amazing. Thanks alot. Nathan.Aria Bass

Thanks to Andrew’s and expertise, my guitars have been setup up correctly and are a pleasure to play. Jane

Just a quick note to say thanks to Andrew at Axekool for helping me to sell my old Gretsch Anniversary. cheers Mick

Thank you so much. I broke a mates guitar and needed it sorting ASAP before he returns from his holiday, lol. Kind regards, Steve

I wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic service that I received when you worked on my Yamaha Pacifica. Couldn’t have been dealt with better in every way and was absolutely delighted with the work that was carried out. Guitar sounds great 🙂

My 19 year old son wanted new pickups and the action setting up on his guitar for his birthday. I handed it to Andrew at axekool guitars and he sorted everything out for me. Very impressive service, thankyou, Debs

Thank you Andrew for fixing my Fender Bass Guitar, Nothing more annoying than a buzzing Nut – cheers M.K.

Take it from me, if you respect your instrument, doesn’t matter what state it’s in, take it to Andrew at Axekool and he will transform it! Sammy

A massive thanks to Andrew at axekool guitars for fixing my Les Paul, its back to its old self and sounding great, thanks again Graeme

The soul of my strat is well restored, thanks Andrew! Cheers Jeremy

We wanted to thank you for your excellent work on our guitars. Sophie loves her wee Baby Les Paul now and it plays real easy.
The Jackson feels and sounds fantastic, the “nut job” so to speak is perfect! Thank you for doing another terrific job. Ian

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the outstanding set up you did on my Mexican Telecaster. When I dropped it off it sounded lovely but was a horror to play and now, after your attention, it still sounds the same but plays like a dream. Lee

In my estimates, by far the best priced and top quality guitar workshop in Gloucestershire! Cheers again, Mark

I was recommended to Axekool Guitars through word of mouth. Andrew has now repaired and set up all of my guitars (and most of my guitarist friends too) Chris

I thought fixing a bridge pick-up to my old Martin guitar was going to be very expensive and and a little scary as it is an old one, but Andrew sorted all out and did a very professional job at a very low price and it sounds fab as i can now plug it into my Amp. thank you so much, Chris T


Andrew does difficult things as if they were very easy. He is a Craftsman with great skills to whom I would trust the most difficult guitar jobs to. Two-thumb up! Mike


Andrew at axekool guitars worked on my Gibson Les Paul and my Fender Stratocaster, I can not sing enough praise for his luthier skills. I whole heartily recommend his guitar services. He is very knowledgeable with his guitar skills as he is with his people skills,
just a really nice guy. Cheers mate, Jack


Andrew is a musician and a guitar repair man, he understands exactly what a guitarists needs, does it quickly and efficiently and cost effectively! He a top bloke! Rob


I cannot express my gratitude and my satisfaction to Andrew (axekool) enough. What a great job he did of fixing the issues with my old Ibanez. Thank you. Nick


I’ve brought Andrew some serious guitar problems and he’s worked it out every time. He’s worked wonders on my vintage Stratocaster. thank you again, David

Andrew is a great guy, very knowledgeable, fast and affordable. What more could we ask for? Cheers Wayne

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