Rickenbacker 362/12 Guitar, Rickenbacker Guitars Cheltenham

Rickenbacker 362/12

Hollowbody / Production 1975 – 1992

Rickenbacker’s sweeping crescent shape of its Capri models took a rather, what was termed as a “turn for the worst” when it stretched out to accommodate two necks.

The earliest double necked Rickenbacker’s were from 1961 and were configured as a 6 sting guitar and a 4 string bass combo and were best known to have been played by Mike Rutherford of Genesis. With stiff competition from Gibson in the early 1960’s with there 6 & 12 solidbody guitar models, Rickenbacker came up with its own 6 & 12 double neck.

The 362/12 was based on the Capri 360 model, but with the old style body, with a bound top rather then the new rounded top design. Rickenbacker’ also offered a soildbody double neck version, but only with guitar / bass configuration. 

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