Rickenbacker 381 V69, Rickenbacker Guitars Cheltenham

Rickenbacker 381 V69

Hollowbody / Production from 1987 to 1997.

The Rickenbacker 381 V69, was originally called the V68, V69 was a reissue of a 1969 model, which was a reissue of the originally 381 made from 1958 – 1963. Confused?

The 381 had a full depth body that was a radical idea for Rickenbacker. The full body gave designer Roger Rosemeisi to experiment with his “German carve” This was the pronounced lip around the top edge.

The early versions of the 381 found little success among the big name guitarists, however the 1969 models found its way to John Kay the  guitarist from Steppenwolf. In 1988, Rickenbacker and Kay created a limited edition signature model, the 381JK, as well as the basic model. Sales were never massive for either (250 sales of the signature in 10 years) and both models was retired in the late 1990’s.

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