Shergold Custom Masquerader Guitar, Shergold Guitars Cheltenham

Shergold Custom Masquerader

Solidbody / Production from 1977 to 1981.

Norman Houlder and Jack Golder departed from the Burns when it was purchased by Baldwin in the mid 1960’s. The got together and started Shergold in 1967 and did contract work for Burns London, among others, until one of their clients, the Haymen company, went out of business and left them with  load of surplus guitar parts. They put these parts together on a guitar and used their Shergold logo for the first time, (which was a man carving a guitar) in 1975.

The custom Masquerader appeared in 1977 and featured innovative string trees to provide straight string pull and the model offered an array of interchangeable electronics. Their most famous guitar was played by Mike Rutherford of Genesis, and it was actually two guitars – a 12 string and a bass that could be put together to form a double neck.

In a slumping guitar market, Shergold in 1982 scaled back to custom orders, and Houlder left the business a year later. Jack Golder brought Shergold back for a moment in 1991, with a limited edition Masquerader, but he died in 1992, ending the Shergold guitar.

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