Zemaitis Metal Front Guitar, Zemaitis Guitars Cheltenham

Zemaitis Metal Front

Solidbody / Production 1970 – Current Day.

The most familiar part of a guitar made b Tony Zemaitis is the metal front. In the 1960’s he was already a well known respected maker of acoustic guitars, when in 1970 he was shielding a couple of pickups with metal plates on an electric and decided to go to the outside extreme.

His first guitar with full metal face went to a blues player Tony Mcphee. His next was the first of many to be made for Ronnie Wood of the new faces at the time and later of the Rolling Stones.

He enlisted the help of gun engraver Danny O’Brien for the artistic and elaborate work of the metal top plates, and his clients quickly grew to include Keith Richards, Ronnie Lane and Eric Clapton.

Zemaitis also made instruments with intricate pearl and mosaic inlays and he was known as the boutique of guitars by the time he retired in 2000. Sadly he died 2 years later, but his designs are carried on today by his son Tony Zemaitis Jr.

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